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Accounts receivable turnover ratio formula calculator

accounts receivable turnover ratio formula calculator

Definition and Explanation: Ratio of net credit sales to average trade debtors is called debtors turnover ratio.
A high ratio can also suggest that the game hp asphalt 4 3d company has a conservative policy regarding its extension of credit.
By looking at the progression, one can determine if the companys receivables turnover ratio is trending in a certain direction or if there are certain recurring patterns.Perhaps, no business can afford to make cash sales only thus extending credit to the customers is a necessary evil.This means that even the smallest amount owing can effectively skew the receivable turnover ratio outcome, if its been outstanding for a relatively long period of time.A low ratio, in a similar way, can also suggest a few things about a company, such as that the company may have poor collecting processes, a bad credit policy or none at all, or bad customers or customers with financial difficulty.While this is not always necessarily meant to be deliberately misleading, one should generally try to ascertain how a company calculates their ratio before accepting it at face value, or otherwise superpower 2 patch windows 7 should calculate the ratio independently.It should be compared with the period of credit allowed by the management to the customers as a matter of policy.Because the value of a companys receivables fluctuates regularly as amounts owed are collected, you can average the accounts receivable amounts from the first and last months of any reporting year to arrive at an average accounts receivable figure.Read also: Total Asset Turnover Ratio - Formula, Example Analysis.Formula: Receivables Turnover Ratio Net Credit Sales / Average Account Recievable.Generally, however, a low ratio implies that the company should reassess its credit policies in order to ensure the timely collection of imparted credit that is not earning interest for the firm.
Accounts receivables is the term which includes trade debtors and bills receivables.Where accounts receivables Trade debtors Bills receivables.In this ratio, the term net credit sales refers to a firms total sales amount for the year, less any refunds or returns.Solution : Working: Annual credit sales (net total sales 49,50,000, less: Cash sales 6,25,000, less: Sales returns 75,000 7,00,000 42,50,000.8,50,000 / 2) 4,25,000 Receivables turnover ratio Annual credit sales (net) / Average accounts receivables 42,50,000 / 4,25,000 10 times Receivables collection period.